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The largest central stone fashioning base is completed and put into production in Macheng

source:People.com.cn (Beijing) | time:2014-9-25 | hits:

People's Daily online Macheng Hubei on April 23 (Reuters)

On April 23, the largest central stone fashioning base— HUAJIAN Stone Craft Base (the production base of Hubei OUFO Industrial Supply Chain Co., Ltd) is completed and put into production in Dabie mountains revolutionary area in south lake agency of Macheng city.

A total investment of the base production of Hubei OUFO Industrial Supply Chain Co., Ltd is 180 million RMB and its processing zone covers an area of 315 acres. The production and processing capacity reach 2 million square meters per year, more than 5500 sets of special shape stone are processed and expected annual output value is 150 million RMB. The company can provide more than 500 opportunities of employment for the local and an annual tax payment is over 5 million yuan. The company was officially started on August 24.2010 and the first phase investment of 120 million yuan has been already in place. It has built 30000 square meters of steel structure workshop, office building and 8000 square meters of exhibition hall.


The factory and base of Hubei OUFO Industrial Supply Chain Co., Ltd makes use of technical advantage from Fujian HUAJIAN Stone Craft Co., Ltd and resource superiority from Macheng stone. It’s a body comprehensive enterprise with mining, production and processing, wholesale and logistics, products sale. The company introduces international advanced mining technology, technology and production and advanced production to process complete equipment. It products craft stone, stone carving, creative stone and exports special shape stone product, such as granite products and curtain wall decoration.

The introduction of the factory and base of Hubei OUFO Industrial Supply Chain Co., Ltd is good for changing the simple stone product in Macheng, good for improving the additional value of stone industry, good for making mining resources gather to leading and preponderant enterprises, good for improving the taste and grade of stone industry. The company has built functional construction of water circulation system and installed a large capacity of sewage treatment tank. In the industry, the company’s environment protection standards, cycle and comprehensive utilization of tailing backfilling play a leading and promotional role. Investors are aim at make the factory and base of Hubei OUFO Industrial Supply Chain Co., Ltd a leading stone processing enterprise which radiates Midwest, face the nation and go to the world. It will be model of enterprise development, peasants’ income, economy increment, financial increment and cooperation win-win. (Cheng Shengli)



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