The director of Ministry of Land and Resource of Hubei Province gave advices for Macheng stone industry development

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On 5th April, Sun Ya and Zou Qingping, director and deputy director of Ministry of Land and Resource of Hubei Province, came to Macheng to research on land resource management and development of stone industry. The research group came to HUBEI RENQI SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY LTD in Macheng economic development area, HUBEI HUAJIAN STONE TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd and urban reconstruction project in Longchi shopping mall to research. They learned about the development situation of Macheng stone industrial park and stone industry in detail.

Yang Yao and Cai Xu’an, the municipal party secretary and mayor of Macheng, introduced the development situation of economic society in Mahcneg. They have reported about land resource working and stone industry development. Sun Ya spoke high of economic development of Macheng appreciated that they care and support the land resource working after reports. Sun pointed that Macheng insists on reform and innovation, fully use advanced polices on solving land use restriction. It has a new economical and intensive method by developing increase& decrease linking and constructing mild slope of low mountains and hills.
Sun put forward three demands for land resource in Macheng. Firstly, keep strengthening the power of reform. The only way to solve land difficulty problem is grasping reform innovation and grasping economical and intensive method. Secondly, plan stone industry development. Plan stone mining, processing, selling, logistics and other links to make full use of advantages in resource. Stone industry can be long-term industry and billions of projects. Thirdly, create new light spot of economical and intensive land. He hoped that Macheng can lead and carry out the file spirit of economical and intensive land from government. And combine with local reality, innovate working methods and research on typical experience so that the project can be go-ahead.
The director said, the provincial ministry will actively support the construction of central stone cycle industrial park and guarantee the land demand of important projects. The deputy director answered the questions that raised at the meeting. It’s about land index and other related polices.
Cui Yonghui who is the member of the standing committee of Huanggang city and deputy mayor of municipal government and Zhong Xianhua who is the director of land resource ministry of Huanggang participated in the meeting.






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