Stones from Macheng, Hubei traveled by

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There is international railway called “Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe” set out from Wuhan railway container center on 5th on time with 90 standard containers. It started its second journey after resuming operation.

In this “Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe” railway, there were 15 carriages of stones those from Macheng, Hubei. A total of 32 standard containers belonged to a French merchant.
It’s known that these stone will exit into Kazakhstan through Alataw pass, Xinjiang when it set out from Wuhan and unload in Turkmenistan. The owner of cargo fancied cheap freight of this journey.
“International ‘Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe’ railway enjoys government subsidies. Its freight is almost same as sea transportation while half time faster than sea transportation. Enjoy railway time with sea transportation freight. This French merchant aimed at tangible benefits”, a person in charge from Transportation Commission, Wuhan said. He told that the French merchant is contracting building construction in Turkmenistan for a long time. He came to Macheng and chose a stone manufacturing plant to supply raw materials.
It’s known from Wuhan Railway Administration that “Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe” railway can start twice per month after normal operation. The train will go according to “fixed point, fixed line, fixed train number, fixed time and fixed price”.
Wuhan Railway Administration revealed that China Railway Corporation has make tailored route for “Wuhan- Xinjiang-Europe” from 3th, May. The train number from Wuhan to Xinjiang is 80002. It set out from Wuhan center, China Railway United Set at 10:08AM and operation time is 92hours and 21 minutes. Its transport time and mileage are shorter than first train number.






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