HUBEI OUFO is a natural stone supply chain company, aiming at assisting Chinese manufacturers and foreign buyers to establish good cooperation directly and to reduce trading cost for both sides. Oufo mainly works in three aspects: provide talent and marketing support to Chinese manufacturers for their moving towards the world and help the foreign customers to find qualified producers in China; provide export or procurement services and make variety logistic solutions according to customers requirement based on Oufo’s rich experience and resources in the relative fields; provide professional third-party inspection and audit services and help foreign buyers to reduce trading risks.
In 2017, the parent company of Hubei Oufo----Huajian Share (Securities abbreviation: Huajian Share, Securities Code: 871417) was successfully listed in "New Three Board" on June 13, 2017. It is the first stone company to be listed in the "New Three Board" in Hubei Province. Huajian Share covers an area of 210,000sqm, the annual output is about RMB 300 million.
Huajian Share owns 6 mines, several productions lines (main factories: Huajian Stone & Ruixingshun Stone), and stable domestic and oversea sale channels (Hubei Oufo is the major window for oversea market). Huajian Share is also a National High-tech enterprise. It owns 6 National Utility Model Patent and 1 Invention Patent on stone production.
As the president of Macheng City Stone Association, and to support green production and maintain sustainable development of stone industry in Macheng City, Huajian Share has established advanced norms and systems in production safety, environmental protection standards and the recycling of tailings.
In the industry, Huajian Share has played a leading and exemplary role.
Relying on abundant resources of Macheng Stone Industrial Park-the biggest origin of grey granite G603 and the great support of Macheng government, also based on the growing parent company--Huajian Share, Hubei Oufo are building a professional operation team with rich experience in stone manufacturing and trading. We have confidence to provide professional import and export services, competitive price and continuous stable supply of stone to meet different customer demands.